Buying a Cue Stick

We have cues available from most manufacturers ranging from economy to premium brands. All available for special order.

However, we believe that before you buy any cue you should hold it in your hand, feel its weight, balance and stroke. A cue stick is an investment in your game. As with any investment, you should do your research. Talk to other players, visit a billiard supply store and when you find the right cue for you, contact us for a custom price quote. Email us your name, address, phone number, cue manufacturer, model number and weight at sales@billiardbob.com

Our brands include (not limited to):

  • Cuetec
  • Lucasi
  • Lucasi Hybrid
  • Predator
  • McDermott
  • OB
  • Viking
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Maple house cue Short

House cue short

Made from Maple in 4 lengths

Maple one piece cue

Maple one piece cue

The perfect cue for everyday play at home.