Leather Pool Table Pockets

We offer the highest quality leather replacement pockets for you pool table. Number 6 and number 3 pockets available in wide range of colors and trim. We only sell leather pool table pockets manufactured by Hood Leather Goods. Hood Leather Goods has been manufacturing pool table pockets longer than anyone in the industry. Currently, Hood Leather is the only domestic manufacturer of pool table pockets. The company uses only the richest leathers and time-tested assembly methods. They are widely considered to be among the very best manufacturers of pool table pockets in the billiard industry - and for good reason. Nobody matches Hood Leather Goods’ meticulous, handcrafted construction or the company's tireless dedication to manufacturing a product that seamlessly enhances a table's appearance and playability. Hood Leather Goods produces pool table pockets in the United States and China and every leather pocket bearing the Hood Leather Goods emblem is tastefully crafted with the finest leathers, fringes, and shields. .

NOTE: We also offer pocket leather replacement (restoration) on your antique pocket irons (contact us for details and quote).
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Number 6 leather pockets Number 3 leather pool table pockets

Number 6 pocket irons

Number 6 pocket irons are the most common irons used today. They have a round post on each end of the iron that would go into the end of the rail and bolts through the rail from the bottom. Now available in 8 colors with matching fringe or your choice of color matching shields. Complete set of six pockets

Number 3 leather pool table pockets

Complete set of six leather pockets number 3 irons, have a rectangle flange that mounts in a cut out on top of the rail. Made to order, allow 3 weeks. NOTE: Modern number 3 irons are slightly different than antique #3 irons and may require altering the pool table rails for a proper fit. Same color and trim options as number 6 pockets.Pocket restoration is available.