Pool Table Covers and Convertible Tops

When decorating your home game room you need to consider protecting your pool table with a high quality pool table cover. Our billiard table covers made of either heavy duty vinyl that is water, mold, and UV radiation resistant that add elegance while protecting your table from dust, pet hair, and UV radiation.

Convertible Dining Tops - The pool table convertible dining top is a grey vinyl clad insert which fits between the cushions of your pool table to easily convert pool table to dining, buffet, or poker table.

Our covers are manufactured b y HOOD LEATHER GOODS. Hood closely follows home decorating trends to offer the latest fabric options, which can be custom ordered to match a consumer's specific decor. SOFT COVERS Dust is everywhere in a home and it can cause serious damage to a pool table, if it's left unchecked. Fortunately, Hood offers two soft covers designed primarily to protect a table's surface against dust, sunlight and other airborne substances. Hood's Draped Soft Covers flow loosely over the corners of a pool table to provide basic protection against dust and sunlight damage. Hood also offers Fitted Soft Covers, which pull tightly around the contours of a table to offer superior protection from dust, spills and other harmful objects. TABLE CONVERSION For those who already own a soft cover, but want the additional protection available through.

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Fitted vinyl pool table cover Pool Table Convertible Top College Team Pool Table Covers
Fitted pool table covers from Hood Leather
Pool Table Conversion Top. Easy to use and store. Made in America.

College Team Pool Table Covers

New from Hood Leather

Heavy duty draped vinyl cover with your favorite schools logo. Fits 7, 8, and 9 foot tables. Choose from over 30 schools.

draped vinyl pool table cover Texas Flag Pool table Cover

Draped Vinyl Pool Table Covers by Hood Leather

Our draped vinyl pool table covers offer the same protection from dust and spills and UV radiation as are fitted covers offering a more economical way to protect your pool table

Texas Flag Pool table Cover

Custom Made, can we make one for you?

9 foot custom size (63X113) with square corners. 29 ounce marine grade vinyl. Custom made for Larry C. by Championship LLC.