Cuetec - New selection now available
Resistant to warping and dents. With superior balance and professional taper, champions like
Earl Strickland and Allison Fisher enjoy the sure solid consistency of Cuetec cues.

Joss Cues LTD. - New selection now available
Owner and founder of Joss Cues, Dan Janes delivers a lifetime of knowledge with each cue.
Each cue has a serial number on its joint complementing it's superb playability and reliability.

Lucasi Cues - New selection now available
All of the cues shown come with Uni-Loc quick release joints. North American hard rock maple shafts and hand crafted exotic wood inlays make Lucasi cues beautiful precision instruments. Improve your game, improve your image, play Lucasi.

McDermott Cues
New selection now available

Predator Cues
The Predator 314 is the first scientifically engineered pool cue. It has been proven more accurate and powerful than any other cue. Its unique engineering is the key, less deflection equals more control. More control means more wins. Predator has also made the 314 shaft with joints to fit most major cues manufactured today.

One of the best playing cues in the world, each Schon cue brings a tradition of excellence to your game. Cue master Evan Clarke's innovative designs will continue to increase in value over the life of the cue.


Viking - for availability contact me
A near perfect playing instrument, Viking Cues combines distinctive design with form and function for these cues. The high quality control used during manufacture, ensures the value of each beautiful cue.

Choose the right cue


When looking for a pool cue, how do you decide which one is right for you? The price of your custom pool cue is only one factor in making the right choice. There are thousands of custom pool cues from hundreds of manufacturers available. Prices can range from less than $100.00 to thousands of dollars. Why you play the game is another consideration. Do you play for fun once or twice a month? Are you in a league? Do you play in local tournaments? Weight, balance, and design are all things that come in to play when you decide to buy a cue stick. One benefit or owning your own pool cue is the consistency that comes with using the same cue each time you play. Whether you are a beginner or advance player, has a cue to fit your needs perfectly.

Billiardbob offers cue selections from respected major manufacturers such as Viking pool cues, Predator pool cues, and Lucasi pool cues. The custom cue sticks we have chosen to feature from each manufacturer offer pool sticks for beginner, the pro and even the collector. Some of the other manufacturers we carry are Joss pool cue, Cuetec pool cue, Falcon pool cues, and more. What’s more, we sell all cues at discount pool cue prices.


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