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We have been serving pool and billiards consumers for 15 years. Our goal has always been to provide a wide variety of products focusing on quality and value. Whether you are searching for sports team products or general game room decor, we have or can get what you're looking for.

Support Out Veterans
Part of the proceeds from the sale of our exclusive Flag light will be donated to Veterans Charities
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Play Better Pool

It's Simple. Playing better pool depends on a few basic things, your stance, your stroke and the quality of your equipment. Better balls and better cloth have a truer roll, better cues have a more solid and precise hit and of course proper pool table lighting is key to seeing your shot better.

Playing better opponents will sharpen your game as well. Joining a pool league like the APA gives you the chance to watch and learn from more experienced players. Remember also, that it doesn't matter who is watching or how good your competition is when you're the one taking the shot.

Featured Products

Poker Dealer Pak 500 chips American Flag pool table light
poker chips and carrying case American Flag Pool Table Light

Poker Dealer Pack

500 chips500 11.5g casino quality chips: 50 green, 150 red, 50 black, 100 blue,150 white. Aluminum carrying case with foam lining. A set of poker buttons: small blind marker, big blind marker, dealer button. 2 regulation card decks

American Flag Themed pool table light

Made to order, allow 3 weeks

West Virginia University MVP Pool Table Light 16 Inch diameter GREEN BAY PACKERS Swag light.
MSRP: $1,158.00
40 inch West Virginia MVP stained-glass pool table light Green Bat Packers swag lamp 16 inches in diameter featuring the team logo and colors

West Virginia Mountaineers MVP stained-glass pool table light

With West Virginia printed on the center panels and the Mountaineers logos surrounding the bottom this 40 inch pool table light is our newest addition to our product line. Represent your team with this made in America beauty. Made to order allow 3 weeks. SEE OTHER COLLEGES

16 Inch diameter GREEN BAY PACKERS Swag light. Perfect over your poker table. Made in the USA.
Economy Pool Table Light with 3 Shades Number 6 Leather Pool Table Pockets
MSRP: $295.00
Sale Price: $235.00
Savings: $60.00
Economy Pool Table Light with 3 Shades Number 6 leather pockets

Economy Pool Table Light with 3 Shades

Number 6 pocket irons

Number 6 pocket irons are the most common irons used today. They have a round post on each end of the iron that would go into the end of the rail and bolts through the rail from the bottom. Now available in 8 colors with matching fringe or your choice of color matching shields. Complete set of six pockets